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<피커링 뉴스>더람 라이브 엔터테이먼트 타운- Durham Live

더람라이브 – 피커링 카지노, 엔터테이먼트 타운 조성 발표와 

더람지역의 새로운 도약

Durham live has already gained support from queens park. Not even a week after you cast your ballot. Pickering has been heard!!


피커링 카지노 계획과 엔터테이먼트 타운 조성에 대한 온타리오정부 발표에 대한 CTV 뉴스입니다.

More than just a casino!!! Water parks, Hotels, Convention Space, Botanical Gardens, Fitness centre, Performing Arts Theatre, Outdoor Amphitheatre for cultural events, Signature Restaurants, Direct connections to the Go line…. And Much Much More…. Stay tuned.

카지노 뿐만이 아니라 워터파크, 호텔, 컨밴션 스페이스, 그린 가든, 아트 극장, 야외 공연장, 고급 레스토랑 그리고 GO 라인으로 전지역 연결 그리고…. 

Durham Live is a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop a world class, iconic destination, right here in Pickering.

더람 라이브는 토론토동쪽, 피커링에 건설되는 월드클라스 발전계획입니다. 

Durham Live will provide a unique blend of entertainment, recreational, cultural, tourist and commercial venues. It will be designed to deliver excitement, energy and entertainment for young and old alike, a place where we can be proud to invite the world – all just down the street at Church and Bayly, in Pickering.

When complete, we will invite the world to Pickering. As Durham Live will be fully integrated and act as the central hub for all regional tourism, it will revitalize and energize the regional tourist industry.

With a budget of over 1.3 billion dollars to construct, Durham Live will provide Pickering with much needed cultural facilities such as a convention centre, performing arts center and the entertainment and recreational facilities residents want. There will be no need to take the train to downtown Toronto. Toronto will be taking the train to come to Pickering!

1.3 빌리언의 예산

토론토 다운타운과 고트레인으로 바로 연결된 피커링 위치!

Some of the other key uses will include the following:

• World class casino ( 월드 클라스 카지노)

• Indoor waterpark open all year round ( 인도어 워터파크 365일)

• Amphitheatre (capacity 16,000 people) ( 대형 극장)

• State of the art cinemas ( 아트 시네마)

• World class restaurants ( 월드 클라스 레스토랑)

• 3 hotels (the largest being 5 star)(3개의 메이져  5 스타 호텔 )

• Large array of commercial uses ( 커머셜 단지)

• Office uses (오피스 단지)

• Other tourist entertainment venues ( 관광객들을 위한 엔터테인먼트 ) 



더람지역에 피커링에 조성되는 새로운 앤터테이먼트 타운은 피커링과 에이젝 그리고 윗비 지역등의 더람지역에 엄청난 변화를 줄것입니다. 

이미  피커링 남쪽에 공사가 시작되었습니다.

지금이 기회입니다. 

피커링과 더람지역에 지금 투자하시기 바랍니다.

리얼터 김선에게 지금 문의 하세요~~ 


피커링 남쪽의 땅 

89-hectare project- Durham Live


Durham Live will turn the eyes of the province, the country, and the world towards Pickering.

The concept for the Durham Live Tourist Destination illustrates that it has the potential to become an iconic landmark that will act as a significant gateway, attracting Pickering, Durham Region and GTA residents and visitors alike. Pickering Developments is and will be, on an ongoing basis, working closely with Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Durham Tourism, Pickering Tourism and the TRCA to develop the comprehensive mix of uses and vision for the property. The illustrative concept for the site includes a casino and five-star hotel, convention centre, performing arts centre, outdoor amphitheatre, cinema entertainment, restaurant plaza, waterpark hotel and waterpark, a boutique hotel, tourist centre / botanical gardens, community recreation centre, fitness centre and spa, and varying commercial office uses that would provide spaces for concerts, festivals and many other cultural events to activate the site throughout the entire day and into the evening. It will be one of the “must go and see” destinations in Ontario, for young and old alike.

Durham Live! Entertainment District will be home to world class theatres and performing arts centres, boasts restaurants and an array of cultural and family attractions.

Durham Live will offer stellar entertainment and an exciting roster of big-name concerts and trade shows and sporting events.

With world leading hotel brands, boutique accommodations, convention centre, Durham’s largest water park, trails and much more the Entertainment District is the ideal area for the discerning patron. An urban neighbourhood packed with a wide array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, it features something for every taste.

Durham Live! is an entertainment and tourism development that will bring nearly $1.5 billion in new investments, create up to 15,000 jobs for youth and adults, and millions of dollars in economic growth annually.

1.5 빌리언 새로운 인베스트 먼트와 15,000 일자리 창출 ~~ 밀리언 달라의 경제적 발전 

The development features some major components: three hotels (the largest being a five-star hotel), resort casino, indoor water park open all year round, an outdoor amphitheatre (capacity 16,000), state of the art cinemas, world-class restaurants and a large array of other commercial uses. 

Improved transportation infrastructure will ensure access to the Durham Live! entertainment district and will attract visitors from the region and beyond, distinguishing Pickering as a popular tourist destination.

Durham Live! will substantially boost the city’s convention and trade show industry and offer a unique urban entertainment experience for all those attending conventions. The complex will include an events centre, a multi-purpose events facility that will serve as the general session hall for conventions and trade shows. This venue will also be available for use by various organizations and associations and the City of Pickering — a home for community stakeholders. Some of these uses could include school events, such as athletic contests, performances and graduations as well as events from other City organizations.

Transforming these currently under-utilized lands into such a popular attraction and fun destination will result in generating over $50 million in additional revenue for the City and Durham Region. With extensive improvements and access to the 401 and surrounding roads, this will increase ease of access for all visitors.

Overall, Durham Live! will be the largest employer in the City of Pickering.

Vote yes on the ballot for Pickering, jobs and growth on October 27th.


The simple answer is NO it is not, but in saying that we must also say that a casino is an integral part of the Durham Live concept. The elimination of the casino will not stop the development of Durham Live but it will have significant impact on the scale of some of the proposed venues and it will definitely change the economic impact of the development.

누가 카지노의 지역을 정했는가 ? 온타리오 정부 산하 OLG

The Province of Ontario, through Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG), controls all forms of gaming in the province, from bingo parlors to lottery tickets to casinos. They control location, size and who operates the casino. The OLG had identified Durham Region as a location for a single casino. It will be located in one of the three cities who have deemed themselves willing hosts – Pickering, Ajax or Whitby.

더 자세한 내용과 앞으로 계획은

City News

Pickering city council has approved a zoning change that will allow a new mega-entertainment complex, possibly including a casino, at the intersection of Bayly and Church streets.

The proposed 89-hectare project, dubbed Durham Live, would be the largest entertainment complex of its kind in the region.

Built by Pickering Developments, the plan includes a hotel, indoor water park, an outdoor amphitheatre, a movie theatre, restaurants, nature trails and a casino.

Back on Oct. 27, voters in Pickering were asked on the ballot whether or not they would support the project. The referendum revealed 60 per cent of Pickering residents voted in favour of the Durham Live project and a casino.

The next stage in the development process involves finalizing the design, identifying development user partners and waiting for the province to decide on a casino location.

Pickering council approved the zoning bylaw on Monday at its council meeting.

“We are delighted with the results from Council,” Steve Apostolopoulos, president of real estate development company Pickering Developments, said in a release.

“The City has a mandate from the residents of Pickering and we anticipate that this vote may create some impetus for the Provincial OLG Modernization Program.”

Back in February, CityNews broke the story that a developer bought land in Pickering where it hoped to build a casino.

At the time, CityNews reported that 14 hectares would remain as green space.

In September, Pickering council approved a motion to instruct staff to move forward with a zoning bylaw for the proposed $1.6-billion tourism development that would see the construction of a casino.

The zoning bylaw would permit roughly 40 uses for the site, including hotels, offices and a casino.

With files from Amber LeBlanc, Natalie Duddridge and Keeley Rogers

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