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7 Steps to Renting an Apartment:

How do I Rent an Apartment?

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1. Know what you want

Make a list of things you want in an apartment. This can include move-in date, size, location, how much you want to pay for rent, number of bedrooms, whether it should come with furniture or not…etc.

2. Know who you are living with

Are you looking for an apartment for your family? Are you looking for an apartment with a roommate? You need to know how many people will be living in this apartment.

3. Search for apartments

Most landlords advertise apartments for rent in a few places like:

“For Rent” signs in the window of the apartment with a phone number you can call to find out more about the place.
Ads in the “Classifieds” section in the back of newspapers and free magazines.
Online on websites like Craigslist, Kijiji, GSC Rentals, MLS, and Ontario Student Housing.
4. Make appointments to see the apartments

You’ve made a list of great apartments that you want to see? Great! Time to call or email the landlord to ask when you can see the apartment. Some places will have an “open house” but most of the time you will have to make an appointment. Pick a time that is good for you.

5. View the Apartments

When you are looking at apartments, remember that even if you find one that you like, the landlord is not forced to rent it to you. This viewing is not a contract – you are under no obligation to rent the apartment. While you are there, a few things to ask about are:

How much are rent/utilities like water and heating?
Are there good, working locks on the entrance doors?
Do windows open and close; are they secure?
Does the house or apartment have a working fire extinguisher, fire detector and carbon monoxide detector?
Does the toilet flush properly, are the hot and cold water working well?
Do the stove, oven and refrigerator look in good working condition?
How warm is the apartment in the winter?
Does it have an Air Conditioner?
6. Pick an Apartment

Found an apartment you like? Time to tell the landlord! Let them know that you are interested. Some landlords are very picky about who they will rent to. You should let the landlord know that you are responsible, will pay rent on time, will be a good neighbour to others, and will not damage the apartment. They might ask you for references and a credit check, to see if you have good credit.

7. Sign a Lease

If a landlord agrees to let you rent it, you will be required to sign a lease. A lease is a contract, listing the responsibilities between the tenant (you, the person renting the apartment) and the landlord. In some very rare cases, you can have a verbal (spoken) agreement instead of a signed lease.

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can still sign a lease. It is illegal for a landlord to reject you because of your age.

Before you sign your lease, know your rights. You can read about your rights as a tenant at the Community Legal Education Ontario website.


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