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토론토 부동산 뉴스 2월- 11퍼센트 상승- 토론토하우스 평균 1밀리언

토론토 부동산 협회 2월 부동산 뉴스


Toronto home sales climb 11% as average for detached home tops $1 million for first time

Housing sales across the Greater Toronto Area climbed 11.3% in February from a year ago, helping to push the average sale price of detached homes in the city pass the $1 million mark for the first time.

토론토 GTA 하우스 세일은 작년 2월에 비해 11.3 프로 상승했습니다.  토론토의 평균 단독하우스 평균이 처음으로 1밀리언을 넘었습니다.

The coldest February in the history of the city couldn’t stop people from shopping for new digs, the Toronto Real Estate Board said Wednesday.

토론토 역사상 가장 추웠던 2월 토론토 부동산 마켓은 쉬지 않았습니다.

Detached homes help drive up the average price in Toronto with sales in that segment up 16.9% in February from a year earlier. Prices in that category climbed 8.9% from a year earlier to an average of $1.04 million.

토론토 단독하우스의 평균 가격은 1.04 밀리언 달러!! (8.9 프로 상승)

But even in the 905 district, sales were up 12.9% from a year earlier bringing the average detached home there to $694,285.

905 지역  평균 $694,285 달러

Semi-detached homes actually fell 1.5% from a year earlier in Toronto proper with the average price up 4.9% to $702,035.

세미단독 평균가는 $702.035 ( 4.9 프로 상승)

The townhouse segment in Toronto saw a 7% drop in prices from a year earlier to $507,843 while condo apartments prices were down 0.9% during the same period to $369,655

타운하우스는 7프로 하락 평균 $507,843
콘도가격은 0.9프로 하락 $ 369,655


토론토 하우스